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Exclusive outtake, never before seen online or in print. 1st on Poison Paradise.
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Chris Mears
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draurelius sent: Hi there. Just want you to know that I really admire you... I got to know you a few weeks ago bc of Tom. I'm a gay guy and I am huge fan of abs, lol, and well, thats why I love you both. You are really sexy and also funny. You seem so humble and cute.I'm from Panama (central america) and I'm so happy I found your tumblr cause I'll be able to see your posts and fall in love even more than I actually am. Hope you don't feel uncomfortable with this. Love ya, dude. HUGS. Don't doubt to visit PANAMA!
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It’s 3am and I cannot sleep, but I have Chris Mears to keep me company. Just got this Coitus mag in the mail today. :)
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There’s already only 35 copies left of Coitus Magazine with me on the cover! Thank you all for the support, I am truly blown away. If you want to grab one of the last copies you can buy one here. 
If you have already bought one please submit me a picture of you holding the magazine and I will post them. I would love to see you!
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@mearschris93 outtake #chrismears
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